We find the best detox water bottle for your budget

Detox Water Drink BottlesAre you looking for the Best Detox Water Bottle for your new detox water journey?

Chances are you’ve found some new detox water recipes and just made do with what you have, which isn’t ideal for long-term success?


To serve a great detox water, you’ll need to separate the water from the fruit, as a 24-hour infusion tends the make the fruit a little limp and soggy, doesn’t it?

Have you tried pouring a fresh glass of detox water from an open jug without the fruit slipping into the glass? I have and have spent too much time fishing out the soggy fruit. It kinda’ gets messy and  takes more time than it should. However, it doesn’t need to be this way as there are detox water bottles designed specifically for fruit infusion.

Let me show you some of the awesome detox water drink bottles available on the market, today.  Yes, there is one just right for your price range, and I’ll even show you a popular one you can use for free.

Let’s get started shall we and note that each of these detox water bottles are available for shipping with Amazon Prime.

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Detox Water Bottles for on the Go


Young & More Infuser Water Bottle – 24 oz / 700ml

Detox Water Bottle

This BPA-free plastic water bottle is great for those people looking for a drinking bottle on the go. It’s a four-piece set, which ensures the water stays in the bottle until you are ready to drink it.

The fruit infuser unit sits separately in the centre from the main bottle so it’s easy to add additional fruit without all the mess. It comes in two vibrant colors.

This particular detox water bottle also comes with a nice recipe booklet, so you’ll find those detox water recipes close at hand.

It’s reasonably priced and would suit those on a low budget. You should be able to pick one up for around $13 as they are frequently on sale.

Bevgo Infusion Sports Bottle – 32 oz /950ml

Bevgo Detox Water BottleSimilarly, this Bevgo 100% BPA-Free water infuser is perfect for sports-based activities as its rugged design and sports grip make it perfect for people on the go.

The sturdy flip lock and sealed lid ensures you won’t spill a drop and the sports spout means you’ll be able to guzzle the water down fast.

This detox water bottle is perfect for the gym, yoga, hiking, camping and travelling. You can even take it to the office and it won’t look out of place.

Again it’s reasonably priced, although a little more expensive due to the extra sports features, and it does comes with a free recipe book.

Full Circle FC14505G Infuser Glass Detox Water Bottle – 20 oz / 600ml

Full Circle Glass Water BottleNow we move into the glass bottle range and start with the Full Circle FC14505G Glass Infuser Water Bottle.

What makes this water bottle unique is the ability to spiral cut your cucumber into the bottle without the need for a knife.

Sounds gimmicky, right?

Well, it’s actually perfect when you are out and about and just feel like a refreshing cucumber water. Who’s going to carry a knife right?

Besides this is one good looking bottle for your fruit infused detox drinks and glass is healthier for you too.

The silicone base ruggedizes this bottle so it’s not as delicate as you might imagine.

Given its design and the fact its made from glass it’s priced a lot cheaper than you’d expect. Although at 20 oz it could be a little on the small size.

Asobu Flavour It Glass Water Bottle – 20 oz / 600ml

Asobu Detox Water BottleIf you are looking for a cheap glass water bottle then look no further than the Asobu Flavour It. It’s basic design means costs are lowered however functionality hasn’t been compromised.

This glass detox bottle comes in a variety of colors and is a similar design to the Young & More bottle we mentioned earlier. Again the removable fruit infuser is 100% BPA free.

With only a 20 ounce capacity, you’ll be needing a few top ups during the day, so ensure you carry extra water with you when you’re on the go.

Enjoying your Detox Water at Home


Grosche RIO Glass Water Pitcher – 32 oz /1 L

Grosche RIO Glass Water PitcherNow this is one good looking water bottle for your detox water creations. Unlike the previous designs, this bottle doesn’t use a separate infuser, but rather has a neat pouring spout with separator built in.

Sure you’ll pay a little more for quality, but detox water should be in your daily routine, so a good quality pitcher is worth every cent.

I’ve had my eye on one of these bottles for a little while and hope to upgrade soon.

The stainless steel and glass combo gives you peace of mind if you’re unsure about BPA products.

At the time of writing this post, every purchase creates another 5 days of safe drinking water for someone in need through the Grosche Safe Water Project, which is another reason to consider this product for your Detox Water needs.


Hiware Glass Water Carafe – 50 oz / 1.5 L

Hiware Glass Water CarafeThis glass carafe is perfect for the stay at home detox water drinker.  Shaped with your refrigerator door in mind, it’s slender build adds elegance to any afternoon tea party.

Made from durable Borosilicate Glass it’s also perfect for hot or iced tea. This is the versatile water pitcher every household should own.

As they say, ‘out of sight, out of mind’ and this is the number one reason people don’t drink enough water. It’s usually because we aren’t being reminded to drink, not so much that we won’t drink our 8 glasses a day.

Fill this pitcher with your favourite fruits and a heap of ice and leave on the bench in plain sight as a constant reminder.

At the time of publishing, this Hiware carafe had a heavy discount so check Amazon for a more current price.


Prodyne Fruit Infusion Flavor Pitcher – 93 oz /2.6L

Prodyne Water PitcherI’m including this pitcher for completeness as it’s quite a popular product.

Made from BPA free Clear Acrylic, its perfect for any large family and has quite a generous infusion well.

It’s priced under $20 which makes for a cost-effective purchase, although it’s the only product not dishwasher safe in this range.

Given you should be drinking water around the clock, I’d say a quick handwash is all that’s needed between re-stocking.

The one clear advantage of this pitcher over the other glass ones is its poolside safe, which is usually where you need a large pitcher of detox water in the summer.

DIY Detox Water Bottle


DIY VOSS Detox Water Drink BottlesSometimes you just need to be resourceful and VOSS have picked up on the Infused Detox Water trend and use Infused Fruit Water in their advertising campaigns.

Yes, you can use your old or new VOSS water bottles and stuff them full of fruit goodness.

Ideally, use the larger 800mL glass VOSS bottle as the opening is much more generous than the smaller bottles and preferably use one from the glass bottle range as opposed to the PET versions.

Glass is easier to clean and will last for the life of the bottle, which if you’ve ever bought one of these bottles, you’ll know it’s really solid glass. Pity though, the lids are only made from cheap plastic.

The smaller neck on the bottle ensures the fruit doesn’t come out while you are pouring, but the same is true when you are emptying  and cleaning it. I’d suggest a buying a good bottle brush for cleaning and the fruit should come out easy when it’s soft enough.


The Detox Water scene has exploded and likewise the range of Detox Water Bottles is ever increasing. Personally I prefer glass and stainless steel but everyone has their preferences and active detox water drinkers would be silly not to buy small plastic water bottles, to prevent breakage.

Just remember, whatever water bottle you choose for your detox water just make sure you can easily get the fruit in and the water out, the rest is really cosmetic.