When I first discovered Detox Water, I wondered why it had taken me so long.

Get Detox Water recipesYou see Detox Water has been used in Health Spa’s for decades, but perhaps you knew it by another name? Cucumber water anyone?

Anyway, Detox Water has progressed much further since those early Day Spa’s and now there is a plethora of Detox Water Recipes to choose from.

Drinking Water has never been so enjoyable.

Sure, you can eat some fruit and drink plain water but where’s your sense of adventure?

8 Glasses of Water per day

So with a rough calculation, you should be drinking over 233,600 glasses of water. Wow!

Bored with WaterAre you getting bored with plain old water yet?

Wouldn’t you rather be drinking something with a little more zing in it?

Sure you do and that’s why we turn to sugary drinks, alcohol, coffee, tea, sports drinks or anything other than plain tap water. Let’s face it, water becomes a little boring after you’ve had the first few thousand glasses.

Are you still with me?

Easy Detox Water Revolution

Well, it turns out the revolution had already begun, long before EASY DETOX WATER was born.  But we still need more recruits to further this cause.

Excited WomanYes, it’s time we all started drinking those recommended 8 glasses of water a day, and take the first steps towards living a healthier lifestyle.

We’ve got you covered with all the Detox Water recipes you’ll need and they can be delivered straight to your Inbox. Just sign up! 


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Let’s get started shall we? 

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You’re Awesome!

Keep Drinking Water…

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