How to Make Detox Water

lemo_1000Did you know the boffins recommend drinking 8 glasses of water a day? Wow, that’s at least one glass every few hours and even more if you are exercising.

Now a glass of water doesn’t mean a glass of liquid, like sugary drinks, coffee or even acholic beverages. It means 8 glasses of water, but there is a little cheat I’ll let you in on, you can drink naturally flavoured water. We call that Detox Water because it satisfies your water intake while providing you with additional vitamins and minerals.

So you know you need the water, but how can you make it into something you want all the time? By flavouring it with nature’s goodness.

How To Make Detox Water

There are hundreds of variations of Detox Water you can make, and all provide an extra benefit to just drinking water. Over time, you’ll discover what works best for you.

The simplest Detox Water Recipe is Lemon Water. So we’ll use that as our example today.

You will need

LemonsGlass Jug

  • 1 Large Lemon or two smaller ones
  • Filtered Water
  • Jug or Mason Jar

Step 1. – Preparing the Ingredients

Slicing Lemon

First slice the lemon thinly as shown.

Tip: When preparing the fruits for Detox Water you are trying to maximize the amount of fruit that comes into contact with the water. Therefore, wedges are not as effective as slices.

Filtered WaterStep 2. – Fill your Container

Half fill your container with fresh filtered water.

Tip: Starting with a pure/clean water ensures your body doesn’t need to clear any additional toxins. Using Filtered Tap water or Spring Water works best.


Lemon Water JugStep 3. – Add your Ingredients

Add the sliced lemon to the jug then top up the water.

Tip: When using different ingredients you’ll need to balance out the quantities to suit your taste


Step 4. – Let Stand and Chill

Although you can drink detox water immediately, it works best it left for a few hours or overnight. This maximises the leaching effect of the fruit into the liquid.

Tip: If you are drinking immediately, chill the water before hand or use ice cubes to rapidly cool the water.

Step 5. – Serve and Drink

Serve the refreshing detox water in your favourite glasses or mason jars and include a few pieces for effect.

Tip: Using a straw prevents the citrus juice from coming in contact with your tooth enamel. Which is important when you are drinking a lot of detox water.

Lemon Water Detox


Congratulations! You’ve just made your first Detox Water. Wasn’t that easy?

A little more about Lemon Water…

Now you may have read plenty about lemon water and it’s slimming potential and ability to give you a radiant skin, but I’m no scientist and want you discover what works best for you.

I find drinking a glass of Lemon Water first thing when I wake up works best and I’m not sure of the science behind it, but it does appear to give me a great start to the day.

Maybe it’s simply because I’m drinking a glass of water after liquid fasting throughout the night. But, the lemon zing does wake me up fairly quickly and I feel refreshed and alert after drinking a lemon water. The added benefits over normal water include Vitamin C, Antioxidants and Potassium.

However, maybe it’s not so much about what goes in and more so about what is not going in. Coffee, I’m talking to you.

When you form a habit of drinking lemon water in the morning you are less likely to reach for that cup of caffeine to wake you up, and that’s a big plus in my books.

Why not try Lemon Water as you never know, you might actually start to enjoy it.

Now you know how to make Detox Water, experiment with some of our other favourite Detox Water Recipes and find the ones you like the best.